I Believe in Love

Author: Bobbi Clemmer, TCU Student, Fall 2014

I believe in love, a sensation that is embedded in the deepest part of our being. I believe love is a variety of different feelings that motivate us to develop relationships that will essentially make us better people. Love is a feeling that in some cases can be indescribable, yet so easy to engage in when the right people fall into your life. I believe love is the most potent of drugs that drives us to do anything for those who we hold dear to our hearts. Whether it is the tender love between a parent and child, a passionate love between a man and woman, or a comforting love between childhood friends, the feelings are all different, yet the same, in that we would do anything for those we love. Under the influence of this powerful emotion, we may find ourselves acting in ways that are un-explainable.

For example, when someone we love is in pain or going through a rough time in their life such as a mother worrying about her troubled son, we seemed to be consumed by that feeling of worry in the pit of our stomach. This is because we want the absolute best for our loved ones because when they are happy, we are happy. I believe relationships are the most important aspect of life. Spiritual and interpersonal relationships have definitely played an enormous part in my own life. Knowing that God is always with me and that my parents are just a phone call away has always been such a comfort even on my lowest days.

I believe love knows no bounds, as cliché as that may sound. Love has the power to overcome grief from the passing of a loved one, depression from past regrets, and even has the power to strike new beginnings though it may seem impossible at times. Love is what binds us together when disaster strikes and is what lifts us up to levels that are otherwise unreachable. I believe love is the dynamic motivation behind every worthy purpose and that in the end, after we have successfully loved here on earth, that God will continue to love us eternally. This I believe.

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