I Believe in the Power of Fine Arts, by Kyra McGuirk

I’ve never been particularly logical. Sure, I like to have order in my life, but in terms of my goals, none of them really make a whole lot of sense to most people. At TCU, I’m studying to get a degree in musical theatre. That’s right; I’m going to an incredibly expensive private school for a fine arts degree. You’re allowed to call me crazy. I’m well aware.

I’ve loved performing ever since I can remember. I was serenading my parents’ friends at cookouts at the age of three, and I still know lyrics to songs I used to listen to in elementary school. My parents love to tell the story of how I sang a slightly inappropriate song for my Sunday school class while we were visiting a church… We didn’t return, as you might imagine.

As I begin my senior year of college, my mind is plagued with doubts about the degree I’m getting, and I wonder what my life will be like a few years from now. The lack of any sort of plan that accompanies the type of degree I’m getting is absolutely terrifying to me, and when people ask “So what are you going to do with your degree after you graduate?” it usually puts me in a rather snarky mood. That being said, I don’t know what else I could do with my life.

I truly believe that God put me on this earth to perform. Not for any kind of personal gain, but to use the gifts He has given me to make the world a better place. Art is so important. When times are tough, people turn to the theatre, music or film to take their minds off their hardships. Good stories bring people together and fill the world with a kind of joy that can’t come from anywhere else. Theatre itself can be a tool to teach, and people can learn so many life lessons or moral or ethical issues just from watching a well-produced play. Music is proven to be therapeutic, not just emotionally but in certain physical ways as well.

These gifts can be used in church settings too; theatrical skits can add so much to a service or a camp. Music completely affects the way a service goes; to me, music is the most important part. Everyone is different of course, but I connect with God most through music. Nothing fills my soul like leading a contemporary worship service. That may sound strange, but it allows me to connect with God on such a deep level, and also allows me to spread the joy I feel to others.

So, while my BFA may seem silly and illogical to most of the modern world, I’m proud to embrace it. I may not know where I’ll be in five years, but I know that I’ll be filling the world with God’s love in the best way I know how.


GA TIB BOOK Kyra McGuirkKyra McGuirk is a senior at Texas Christian University working to get a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre with an emphasis in Music. She is originally from Indianapolis, IN and was raised by Greg and Linda McGuirk, with an older brother, Ian. Kyra has attended Geist Christian Church for most of her life.  ALTARed, the young adult worship service, is where she began her path in contemporary worship music. While at TCU, Kyra attends Ridglea Christian Church and is the Music Director of the TCU Worship Team. After she graduates, Kyra hopes to pursue some sort of career in the fine arts, and eventually hopes to be able to start a fine arts school in an area where public schools have cut funding for the arts so that kids will have the opportunity to explore their talents and pursue their dreams.

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