I Believe God’s Creation is Awesome, by Janet Lanza

As I sit on a shaded breeze-cooled porch at the beach and experience the ocean’s vastness and rhythm, awesome is an easy word to think of.  The ocean with its size, waves, currents and ever changing colors is truly a work of art.  My favorite thing to do at the beach is to take an early morning walk along the water’s edge.  As I’m walking, I sing familiar hymns such as “This is the Day the Lord Hath Made” and “Praise God from Whom all Blessings Flow.”  It just seems like the right thing to do and it is here in this awesome place and time that I feel closest to God.

I love to garden and I am constantly in awe of nature.  How did this huge thick stemmed okra plant grow from that tiny seed?  How did that small tomato plant produce the bright red home grown fruit that tastes like heaven in your mouth?  And how in this huge world did those squash bugs know that I was growing squash and decide to show up for an unwelcome visit?  It’s mysterious and awesome and all a part of God’s creation.

I imagine my family may tire of my excitement over the sky.  So many times I call out their names or text them and tell them to join me or go look at some marvelous sight in the sky.  Sunrises, sunsets, colors, pictures in clouds, a full moon and the beautiful “Jesus light” that streams from the sun when it starts to peak from behind a cloud are majestic and awesome and I’m so grateful that God created them and gave me eyesight to enjoy them.

Have you ever watched a bird build a nest?  How awesome is that?  How does that little bird know how to construct a nest that will withstand the elements and keep the eggs and baby birds safe? And the color of bird’s eggs and their beaks and feathers and the grace with which they soar through the air…that could not have happened by chance.  It is surely the handiwork and creativity of an awesome God!

During my 25 years of training students to work with preschool children with communication disorders at TCU, I had the opportunity every day to experience the awesomeness of the human mind and spirit.  TCU students overcame their fears to provide effective speech and language therapy to the children.  Families diligently brought their children, followed through with home practice and surrounded them with the love they needed to face their hurdles.  And oh my, those sweet children!  Some of them had so many barriers in their way, but continued to work hard to communicate in ways that most of us take for granted.  Thanks be to God for creating all of those awesome people and putting us together.

If you have had the privilege to experience childbirth as a mom or a dad, you have been in the midst of God’s amazing creation.  There are no words to describe the feeling of awe and love that come with that newborn baby. I believe that we are all children of God and God created every awesome one of us.

Each time I had to change my password at TCU, it took me forever because I tried to come up with a word or phrase that would inspire me when I logged on to the computer.  One of my favorites included the phrase “in awe.”  I wanted to be reminded often not to become too grown up or jaded, but like a small child learning about her new world, to see the brilliance and awesomeness of God’s creation everywhere we look.

I wish the same for you.  Being “in awe” helps you stop and appreciate your time on earth.


GA TIB BOOK Janet LanzaJanet Lanza has recently retired from 25 years on faculty at the Davies College of Communication Sciences and Disorders at TCU and 38 years as a Speech-Language Pathologist.  She is currently enjoying gardening, cooking and all of God’s awesome creation.  She is an active life-long member at Ridglea Christian Church in Fort Worth TX.

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