This I Believe, by Sabine Cijsouw

I believe that teaching students is the most beautiful job ever. It is a collaboration between you being a teacher and getting the opportunity to learn others new things and you being a student towards your own students by learning how their perception of the world looks like and how to interact with them.

Teaching your students as individuals can be hard sometimes. You need to meet their needs in a way that will benefit them. Without doing that, they will not be able to get into the whole process of learning. People with disabilities can have a hard time with finding their way to get into the process of learning. You as a teacher get the opportunity to help a student with a disability to find that way. I believe that if you teach students, you need to know what kinds of disabilities can influence a student’s learning process and what those disabilities may contain. If you know typical symptoms or behaviors, you can use strategies that apply to those symptoms or behaviors to make the ability to learn easier for your students. I believe that it can be hard for teachers to distinguish the disabilities because there are a lot of disabilities with the same symptoms. Teachers should be able to get an extra course or training from the school where they work to know more about disabilities and how these disabilities affect students and their learning process. The whole school and all teachers will be more prepared to teach students with disabilities. This will make the school system also a lot easier and will create a safe and healthy environment for everybody. I believe that if teachers are not prepared, they can encounter difficulties with not only the students with a disability but with the whole class.  When the disability of a student has too much influence on the student’s ability to learn, then the school should look for a school with an environment that fits the student better. I understand that a lot of parents want that their child goes to a ‘normal’ school, but if the environment does not meet the needs of the child it will only withhold the student. I believe that a teacher should be able to analyze if the school benefits the student with a disability. When the teacher knows how to meet the needs of the students with disabilities, a healthy learning environment will be created.…………………………………………………………

S Cijsouw Photo

Hi everyone!  My name is Sabine Esmée Cijsouw, and I am 23 years old. I am an international student from the Netherlands. I study at the College of Education to become a Primary Teacher. I got the opportunity to study abroad for my major. I am always curious about other cultures, open to new experiences and I am mainly seeking to develop myself into a better version of me. As a teacher, I want to be able to tell my students more about the world and get them ready to spread their wings.

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