I Believe in Encouragment

Author: Ashley Tilley, TCU Student, Fall 2014

Isaac Newton once said “If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” This quote reminds me that, encouragement I have received from countless others has given me the ability to see much further than I would have ever thought possible. I truly believe that no one who is successful got to where they are now alone. It was through the encouragement of someone else that they were able to realize their potential.

I believe in encouraging those in need of reaching their true potential. Without the encouragement of my sister, teachers, and mentors I probably would not have as many accomplishments as I do today. I believe words of encouragement carry power because they cause the person on the receiving end to realize what they are truly capable of.

I would not be at TCU today if I had not received the encouragement to apply from my mentor in high school. My senior year was very stressful. I had no clue what school I wanted to go to but I knew it would not be TCU. I went to Poly which is about fifteen minutes from TCU and every year we took trips to visit. The trips made me feel happy and welcome and I really enjoyed them. However when I reflected over all of the visits to the school I did not like the feeling I got. I started to feel insecure, and I questioned my decision to apply. I thought I would never get in because I was not smart enough. I thought that even if I did get accepted I surely would not get a scholarship. Obviously I was wrong, and my mentor helped me to realize this. When I told her the reasons for me not wanting to even try she said “You might as well try the worst thing that could happen is you don’t try and then you will never know whether it was possible.” She really helped me to realize that the way I was thinking was just an excuse not to try. I am very grateful to have had her to encourage me to apply.

I know how powerful encouragement can be. One day I hope I am able to encourage others to do things they never thought were possible. Also I will make sure to encourage those around me to go for the things they believe in because doubt should never be a factor in any person’s decisions.