I Believe in Something, by Hannah Canterbury

I believe in something and I am not quite sure how to put that something into words, to fully encompass what that something is but throughout my life and especially in this past semester of college, I have been challenged on many occasions to define and verbalize what I believe. I have been asked what values and ethics I hold true and how they will influence my future career and life. The majority of the time the questions do not end there. I am asked to dive deeper into where I gained those beliefs, how I choose them and probably the biggest question, why do i believe in this something?

These questions and conversations are challenging but so important. Through these conversations not only am I, the individual challenged to look deeper into myself but I am asked to respect and ask questions of others beliefs; that is not always the most comfortable thing to do. I don’t want to say the wrong thing or end up with a question I can’t answer. But as I have been continually faced with these conversations I have thought more about the purpose of believing in something.

I believe in something, I believe in something because something gives my life meaning, it gives my life purpose and gives me a daily drive to strive for my goals and aspirations.

Everyone believes in something, whether it is rubbing a horned frogs nose for some extra luck on a test or belief in a religion or faith that dates back thousand of years. Those beliefs give an individual what they need in their life, and in a specific moment.

Knowing this has provided me with great comfort and allowed me to respect others beliefs despite how foreign they may seem to me. I think it is still vital to ask questions of ourselves and our beliefs and start conversations with others about our own and theirs, building those conversations on the foundation that everyone believes in something. I may not have all the answers to why I believe that something, I may be stumped and challenged when faced with deeper questions but those questions have allowed my beliefs to strengthen and transform.

I believe in something, and that something guides my heart and my mind to do what I feel is best and the understanding of “something” allows me to respect and appreciate others.


Canterbury, HannahHannah Canterbury is a senior social work major and religion minor. She is currently the President of Disciples on Campus and is actively involved with the religious and spiritual life office of TCU. She is also the Social Justice chair for the Student of Social Work Association. After her senior year she hopes to attend graduate school for social work and pursue a career in mental health.

I Believe in Accepting Our Fears and Challenging Them

Author: Hannah Canterbury, TCU Student, Fall 2014

I have many fears; some are “trivial”, like the fear of butterflies, that was instilled in me in kindergarten. There are many fears though, that exist in me every day, that guide my day to day decisions and impact the thoughts and stresses that I deal with. Not that the fear of butterflies hasn’t had me stressed in my situations. There have been bigger fears in my life. The fear of not getting into college, failing out of college, failing my parents, failing as a friend, failing at my future profession, failing to be a “good” Christian, becoming what others predicted for me. These are the fears that have changed my life and gave guided me in choosing my goals and aspirations.

I believe in accepting and facing these fears because personally they have been rooted in expectations others have had of me. For example, growing up in a home with two parents dealing with addictions I was constantly fed with the statement that “I too will deal with this disease”, or “I have to be extremely careful because I will probably end up the same”. These statements haunted me and instilled fear in me, but also gave me something to strive for. To overcome the expectations and live a life better than anyone could have ever predicted.

The google definition of fear is this:

  1. an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat:

People’s limiting expectations of me, cause pain and are a threat to my ability to create my own future that isn’t predetermined, this is exactly fear; But it has been such a fruitful fear. Fear has ignited a drive, and passion to overcome some of my greatest obstacles. Choosing to the fight rather than flight, which is so often a difficult choice when faced with the possibility of failure, danger and pain, has allowed me to fulfill my own life path and challenge the ones that people have set before me. I accept every day that I have fears to face and when I challenge them and overcome them I am empowered continue in making my own life path.