I believe in Smiling

Author: Jimena Reyes, TCU Student, Strategic Communications Major, Published Fall 2012

I believe in smiling.

Have you ever had a stranger smile at you when your day was not going well? And without realizing it, you smiled back? It has happened to me, which is why I smile as often as I can, even to strangers.

Smiles help us communicate non-verbally; for example, we usually smile when we like something, or when we are happy, or when we are excited, or when we see a familiar face. We sometimes don’t even notice we are doing it. It’s an unconscious reflex.

Smiles are contagious – and this is why I love smiling at people, even if I’m sad or mad. I do it hoping I will get a smile back. I have experienced how powerful smiling can be from both perspectives.

When I was in middle school, my parents decided to change my school. In this new place, I had no friends and I was to shy to talk to strangers. It was easier for me to stay in my “safe bubble”.

On my third day I was eating on a bench when a girl who was two years older smiled at me for no reason. I just couldn’t understand; people from higher grades just don’t go around smiling at the young ones. Her smile made that day better than the rest. If it weren’t for her, I would have never gotten the courage to go talk to the girl on the bench next to mine, who would become my best friend.

Smiles are powerful, and I believe in them. Give others your best smile. You never know whose life you might change.