I Believe in Racial Equality for all People

Author: La’Darion Freeman, TCU Student, Fall 2014

These days it seems that the subject of race is present in practically every major situation. It does not simply pertain to the “White vs. Black” situation that sometimes occurs in America, but it is also outstretched to many parts of the world, causing great conflicts. I believe that racial equality for all people would diminish the unnecessary conflicts and cause us to look at each other as true peers.

Growing up in south Mississippi, I was exposed to quite a few situations in which race was a determining factor. For example, I had plenty of white friends and we usually liked to go eat after football practice, the most popular places to eat in the area that we lived were at the casinos. On one particular day we decided to go to a casino to eat because it was half priced; the group consisted of about five Caucasian guys and three African Americans. Upon entering the casino, my white friends were instantly let in without even being checked for proper age, however, the other black guys and myself were stopped abruptly and it almost seemed like we were going to be detained for even coming in to the casino. We were checked for identification, they attempted to frisk us but we adamantly refused, and finally they said they would not allow us in because we presented a high “theft risk”. Our white friends watched this whole situation unfurl and at its conclusion they demanded to speak to the manager, which security declined, so we all simply just left. Until that point I had never been in a situation where my right to eat was denied simply because of my race.

The casino situation was troubling to me because I come from a mixed family: my dad’s grandfather was biracial, I have white uncles, and I even have a white grandmother. The values that my parents etched into my brain were that race has nothing to do with judging someone, they should be judged by their character and their actions.