I Believe in Building Relationships Through Shared Experience (also…netflix)

Author: Abby Smartt, TCU Student, Published Fall 2014

One Tree Hill. New Girl. Friday Night Lights. Orange is the New Black. How I Met Your Mother.

What do these random shows all have in common you might ask. They are on Netflix. My semi-addiction became real when One Tree Hill was added to the website. I was so excited that I decided to watch the whole series all over again. Some might have marked that a waste of my time. Seeing that there are 187 episodes that are 43 minutes each totaling to 8,041 minutes or 134 hours or 5 and half days, I could probably agree that this period of my life was not my most productive. Watching the series sparked a love in me and it continued when I came to college.

During my first semester, my roommate decided she wanted to watch One Tree Hill and I agreed to watch with her, again. After that series, I started watching New Girl with my new boyfriend. Then I moved to Friday Night Lights with my sister. How I Met Your Mother was next with my friend Jackie. Orange is the New Black was last with my mom.

That is a lot of time spent in front of the television. And I do not care how bad people say that is for you because I believe the relationships were built or strengthened because of it.  It doesn’t matter how much we were drooling over Tim Riggins is or why we were laughing at Barney, it doesn’t matter as much about the show as it does the people that it brings into your life.  Netflix brought people in my life and gave us an hour to sit down, take a break, and enjoy each other’s company through something we both enjoyed.

One Tree Hill brought two awkward freshman roommates together. New Girl made a long distance relationship have something to look forward to together every week. Friday Night Lights showed me that my sister spent so many weekends on the couch with me because she felt we had drifted a part. Orange is the New Black made my mom and I a lot more comfortable with each other. And How I Met Your Mother brought two unlikely friends to be roommates.

Relationships, whether personal or professional, help guide our lives. We are made as relational beings. All humans have a desire to connect and be a part of someone else’s life.  People are meant to be with other people. Having that common ground, or shared experience can give family, friends, or strangers an experience they will always share. I believe that some of the best relationships are built in a shared mutual experience. Colleagues connect over the love of their profession, teammates bond over the pride of their team, some bond over food, and I build some of my relationships through Netflix. I believe in the power of building relationships through shared experiences.