I Believe Ice Cream has Curative Powers, by Rev. Justin Floyd

What do I believe? I believe that is a hard question. To sum up the fullness of ones beliefs into 300 words is a daunting task. As I process this prompt I am drawn to the idea of thinking that its a personal creed statement and that rubs me the wrong way seeing as how I am part of a denomination that does not use creeds. Instead, I try to think of it as a mission statement or a visioning exercise. What would I need to believe in order to make the world the best possible place? What do I need to believe in to make my life and the lives of my family successful?

I believe that the world is inherently good. I believe that God loves us and works in the world to make it good. I believe that humanity has taken its foolishness to historical high levels in recent years and that keeps the world exciting albeit frustrating and depressing. I believe that the smile of a baby and the hug from a child can change your day instantly. I believe, through years of youth ministry research, that  ice cream has curative powers and that frozen yogurt must have been present at the last supper.

Lastly, I believe this with all of my heart: If all we did devote our time, energy, money, and passion to making the world a better place, we could live in the world that Jesus spoke about. We would love God with all our hearts, souls, minds, and our strength and we would truly be able to love our neighbor as we love ourselves.

For me to achieve this, I believe that I need more time in prayer and less time in work. I believe that I need more music in my day and fewer e-mails. I believe I need more beach and less highway. I believe that I stand in my own way and blame others on the regular and that needs to stop now. I believe that all these things are possible through the one who gives me strength.

And because I believe in the power of throwing good vibes into the universe, I believe that TCU football will win a national championship, the Texas Rangers will eventually win a World Series and that one day the Dallas Cowboys will hold the Lombardi trophy and we will all toast to the memories. I believe it can’t hurt to put that in writing.



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Rev. Justin Floyd is currently serving as the Youth Minister at First Christian Church of North Hollywood. Justin graduated from TCU in 2010 with a degree in Religion and Sociology. While at TCU, Justin served as president of the Disciples on Campus program. He stands behind his statement that TCU will win a football national championship and he will be in the stands to watch it.