This I Believe at TCU is a campus-wide project.  You can find it in classrooms, student organizations, campus-wide events and more!  We would love for you to use This I Believe at TCU in the areas that you are involved in on our campus. If you would like to host an event or use This I Believe in your classroom please contact us at  We would be happy to help you implement your program and we would love to share with others what you are doing! If you are already using This I Believe on TCU’s campus and don’t find your event listed here, let us know.

Where has This I Believe been used on campus?

* TCU College of Education : Summer 2017

*TCU Disciples Believe Project: Summer 2015

* Disciples of Christ Minister’s Week: Spring 2015

* I Believe I Can Change the World, Hunger Week Partnership: Spring 2015

* TCU Believes: Better Together and This I Believe Photo Shoot: Spring 2015

* Milton Daniel Residence Hall: Fall 2014

* Sherley Residence Hall: Fall 2014

* Better Together Interfaith Team: Fall 2014

* Disciples on Campus Leadership Team: Fall 2014

* TCU Believes: TCU Worship Team and This I Believe Photo Shoot: Fall 2014

* KTCU Wellness Radio Show: Fall 2014

* Chancellor’s Advisory Council: Fall 2014

* Residential Life, RA Training: Fall 2014

* Disciples of Christ Quadrennial: Summer 2014

* Women’s Studies, This I Believe about Gender, Under Lock and Key: Spring 2014

* TCU Believes photo shoot: Spring 2014

*TCU Believes photo shoot: Fall 2013

National Day of Writing Read-In with the TCU English Department: Fall 2012

* What DO YOU Believe: Politics, Elections, and Civic Life?: Fall 2012

This I Believe in the classroom

* Social Work: Dr. Harriet Cohen

* History: Dr. Claire Saunders

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